Toucan gives you creative ideas to build a healthier, happier relationship.

  • Explore deeper ways to communicate, express love… and more.
  • Discover positive approaches for handling conflict and money.
  • Learn more about yourself and your partner.
  • Achieve your relationship goals.

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All information given to Toucan is stored securely.

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We’re glad you’re here. Toucan is the couple app that gives you…

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  • Fresh insights on a range of topics
  • Exercises to learn about yourself
  • Videos of couples sharing their stories honestly and openly
  • Practical relationship tools
  • “Couple Time” to learn more about each other

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Firstly, let’s see where you’re at. Take the Pulse of your relationship to find out your strengths in our research-based quiz.

Pulse also tailors your Toucan experience:

  • Discover where you're at in 7 key relationship areas
  • See joint results when partnered
  • Receive regular insight into your relationship
  • Get your personally recommended Toucan Module


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Generating your results

Pulse results are shown for the seven key areas of a relationship. Points closest to the outer edge show you have a positive view, nearer the centre is a growth area.


Choosing to do what’s good for ‘us’, not just ‘me’


Growing a secure and close emotional connection


Handling money well together.


Resolving disagreements in healthy ways.


Building commitment and trust.


Expressing love through physical intimacy.


Making the relationship better and happier.