Privacy Policy

This policy is effective from 25th May 2018. You may also wish to read our Terms and Conditions

Your privacy is important to us and we realise the trust you put in us as you engage in the Toucan app and share with your partner. This policy is designed to clearly outline when, how and why we handle and process your information.

What information do we collect about you?

We collect information as and when you provide it to us through your usage of the Toucan app or send it to us directly. This information covers several categories of data as outlined below.

Account, Profile and Relationship Information. When you sign up for an account or edit those account details we collect your name and email address and encrypt your password. You then have the option to provide further information to build your profile, such as Date of Birth, your Relationship Status and Gender.

If you connect with your partner we will store their name and email address in your account for your personal reference.

Content, Answers, Bookmarks and Action Points. As you engage with Toucan we collect and store content you submit and enter as answers, bookmarks or action points. This will include any personal information you choose to provide. We do not access, publish or sell your personal information.

Information you provide via support. If you contact us for support on any other enquiry we will collect information about you and anything you provide in order to service that request and provide the support needed.

Donations. Toucan is a free to use tool and does not rely on advertising. If you make donations to Toucan we will collect information regarding your donation. We do not collect or store your credit card information, however, this is securely encrypted and held by our payment provider, Stripe.

Automated data collection and statistics. As you engage with Toucan we collect various data points and metrics that enable the app to function, such as the last module you accessed or exercise you were on. In addition we use your interactions to build your dashboard and measure your Relationship Fuel and track Relationship Health benefits.

Anonymised data and analytics. To help us learn how to make Toucan a better experience we used fully anonymised data to understand how people use the app and what they engage with. This will include frequency of logins, amount of content accessed, time spent in the app, relationship health values and relationship fuel levels. This anonymised data, therefore, does not include any personally identifiable information, such as names or email addresses.

Cookies and other Tracking Tools. In order to provide functionality and recognise you across different devices and track our app performance we use tracking tools, including Cookies and Pixels.

You can opt out of these tracking technologies through your browser settings and stop your browser from accepting cookies. This may limit your experience or ability to use Toucan fully.

How we use information we collect?

We use the information we collect in a few different ways. In some cases this may depend on your choices you have made in the app.

Providing the Toucan functionality. The information you provide on sign up, add to your profile and submit as you go through modules and content is stored and used to provide the functionality of Toucan. Information submitted during exercises, bookmarks and action points is for your own convenience and ability to engage with Toucan.

Your partner information is collected in order to connect you together and provide key functionality to track each users progress and help you stay on track together within the app.

Your overall activity (logins, bookmarks, action points, progress) is used to generate your Relationship Fuel and your answers to the first exercise of each module are used to calculate your Relationship Health score.

System messages and helping you stay on track. We use your login, partner status and content frequency to send automated system messages that help you stay on track, remember to do something or check if you are still interested in Toucan. You may choose to opt out of these messages at any time from your profile.

Marketing and announcements. Toucan is growing and changing all the time. If you have consented, we use your information to send you appropriate news and announcements about the Toucan app, Toucan promotions or Toucan events. This may include news about, for example, a new module or new features.

Promotion of Toucan. We may use anonymised statistical data, such as Relationship Health values, in the marketing and promotion of Toucan.

Providing Support. If you have requested support we will use your information to provide that support and help.

Learning and future development. We are constantly looking for ways to improve Toucan. We will use anonymised analytical data to understanding how users are engaging and using the app. For example, we might use data to analyse age groups and gender of Toucan users viewing certain content, which could help us develop other relevant content and / or functionality. If you have given feedback we may use that information to inform decisions and make future improvements.

Legal Requirements. If required so by law or to protect our legal rights we may use your information for compliance, regulatory, audit or legal investigation reasons.

How we share information we collect?

We want to protect your privacy at all times, occasionally it may be necessary to share some of your information. Outlined below are the few exceptions where we may share your information.

With your partner. Toucan is designed to be used by couples together. Therefore the design of the app is such that it is helpful to know who you are connected with and some basic information about their app usage. We share your name, email, last login and current progress with your partner.

With organisation partners. Toucan is developed by Family Life, which is part of Agape Ministires Ltd. We have sister organisations in other countries who work closely with us. We share anonymised statistical data with these partners to help advance and promote the Toucan app.

With service providers. Toucan was developed in collaboration with third-party service providers for design, coding, videography and marketing. From time to time it may be necessary to share limited information with this partners in order to improve the app. For example, a support ticket may require account details in order to trace the route of a bug or issue you are experiencing.

In addition we use third party services, such as MailChimp to help process your information and send out emails. We may also use help desk services to help process your support requests.

Legal Obligation. In rare circumstances we may be compelled to disclose personal information, either for compliance, legal order, when it is in your best interest, or to protect the legal rights of Family Life.

How we store and secure information we collect

We use servers located in London, UK configured to protect the information and data stored there. While we secure your data using current industry best practices, no system is perfect, we therefore cannot guarantee your data is completely safe from harm.

If your account becomes inactive and we detect you haven’t used the app for a significant period of time we may contact you to see if you still want your account.

You can request your account deletion at any time, from the options available in your profile screen.

How long we keep information

We retain your information whilst you maintain an account on Toucan, we do this under Legitimate Interest, so that you may track your progress and relationship growth and easily continue to engage in future content.

If you request to delete your account and you have a connected partner we maintain your data for 14 days and then delete it fully. If you do not have a partner your data is deleted immediately. See Deleting your account, below for further information.

We may reach out to accounts that have no activity for over one year to check if you still wish to maintain your account or if you wish to delete it.

How to access and control your information

Information and data submitted to Toucan is yours. You can login anytime and change or update information and preferences we hold about you.

Request a copy of your information. Under GDPR regulations you may request a copy of all the information we hold about you. To do so please contact our support team.

Deleting your account. You may request for your account to be deleted. Due to the nature of the app being designed specifically for couples to connect their accounts and functionality of the app being dependant on that, we will send a notification to your partner if you request you account to be deleted. This does not affect your right to deletion, but is provided as a courtesy to your partner because their usage of the app will immediately become limited when your account is deleted. If you do not have a partner at the time of requesting deletion, this issue does not apply.

When your data is deleted, we remove all personally identifying information (Name, Email, Partner, Partner Email, Notes, Bookmarks and Action Points) and retain anonymised statistical data for future learning and analysis. Once you delete your account there is no way to recover it and no way for anyone to trace the remaining statistics back to you. We advise you make a copy of any information you may wish to keep before deleting your account.

Other important privacy information

Under 16s. Toucan is an app design for couples in a mature relationship. The app is therefore not aimed at or marketed to under 16s and we do not knowingly collect information of people under 16 years of age.

Data Contact

Your “personal information” is defined and protected under the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Toucan has been developed by FamilyLife, part of Agape Ministries Ltd. The Data Controller is Agape Ministries Ltd. This Toucan Privacy Policy is specific to the Toucan App only. In addition you are covered by the Privacy Policy for Agape Ministries Ltd, which gives details of how to exercise your rights.

Your “personal information” is defined and protected under the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For a copy of the personal information we hold about you, please address requests to the Data Protection Officer, Agape Ministries Ltd, 167 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 1SW. (Email: Registered charity in England and Wales No. 258421 and Scotland no SCO42332